June, 2022
Royilda & Co

Effective Video Strategies + Posting

In today’s highly competitive environment, no business can afford to ignore marketing, whether they’re operating in B2B or B2C. Without effective marketing, everything else that you do becomes an academic exercise. If you have decided to invest in marketing, the question then becomes whether to hire a marketing agency or depend on employees. 

Delegating marketing to an internal employee might seem like an easier option. For starters, they will be in your office under your supervision. They will be able to take marketing briefs and incorporate feedback with ease. And it might seem cost-effective. But here’s why it’s always better to hire a marketing agency.

1. Timing, Timing, Timing: Learn When to Keep it Short

A lot of us, as professionals, want to show off as much of our knowledge as possible, but that can actually work against us. Attention spans are diminishing big time, so that 15 minute market overview may get completely ignored. Master the art of getting to the point fast. 

There’s a time and place for long form videos, but that’s after you get your audience hooked. No one wants to watch a stranger’s video without getting a proper introduction. 

2. Work on Your Hot Headline Game 

The best way to get good at fast-timed videos is by practicing your headlines. Aim for headlines that are under 15 words (or under 10 seconds). Start off your video with the headline. Make it have an impact! Don’t just educate, get your audience excited while you’re at it. Think “spicy & enticing” without being too artificially scandalous (consumers can see right through that). Check out these tips.

3. Think Short Term & Long Term 

There are 2 types of videos taking the world by storm: 

  • Viral One-Hit-Wonders (Short Term Trends) 
  • Thought-Out Storytelling (Long Term Trends)

The key behind both of these is to actually understand what is trending. This means you have to consume content regularly (even if it sometimes feels like it’s against your will). Create a weekly task and assign yourself at least 15 min a week to scroll through what is trending Nationally, Regionally, and in Your Niche.

Do not go overboard with Call to Actions in the video. Have an entertainment mind first. You’ll have a chance to add in your pitch in the comments section!

Short Term Best Practices

When replicating short viral videos, you have to match it as closely as possible. Seriously. If they do a specific dance with a specific song, you do the same. Filters, transitions, facial expressions. All should be mimicked, as long as it’s still professional enough - never compromise your standards over a video. (: 

Long Term Best Practices

This one’s not as hard as it seems! “Post-credit scenes” are your friend. If you have a message to get out that you can’t quite hit in 1 minute, break it up into segments. Leave them with a cliffhanger wanting more. 

Ex: If you start off your video with “3 Top Secret Las Vegas Home Selling Tips,” only go over 1 or 2 tips, and then end the video with a CTA to follow for the next video. 

Bonus Tip: Throw the audience off a bit. 

Come up with a recurring gag or storyline within each video.  Ex: If you have a dog that likes to interrupt your videos, do a blooper of your pet jumping on your lap at the end of every video or stealing something off your desk.

4. Learn to Speak...Without Saying Anything 

Sometimes, a particular sound or song is so powerful that adding in your audio may actually throw off the whole video. That’s where video captions come in to save the day. Keep them brief and readable (no microscopic text please). 

Remember that your body language sometimes says MORE than your words or text. Keep note of any “nervous tics” or unfavorable body language. Have a good editing team by your side to get rid of any unnecessary “uhms” & “ahhs”.

5. Use Your Power Combos

As you’re staring out, your videos won’t necessarily go viral on your first try. You’re going to need some backup. Remember to hype up and repurpose your content ALL the time. 

Ex: If it’s Monday and you’re planning to post a video on Friday, start hyping up the video already. You can create an Instagram story or static post informing your audience of what’s coming up (make sure you stick to your schedule though or you’ll be seen as a flake). 

After the video’s done, summarize what you spoke about into a carousel post for the next day. Then, as a finishing combo, repost your favorite clips or bloopers from the video.