June, 2022
Royilda & Co

Here’s Why You Need a Local Marketing Consultant

Marketing can make or break the career of a real estate agent. Friend referrals and word-of-mouth networking can result in promising leads, but eventually, it runs dry. If you’re a Realtor in Vegas, you know first-hand how competitive it is. In Las Vegas, there are 11,536 active agents as of June 2022. To succeed, you’ll have to stand out. A local marketing consultant can help you expand your reach and ultimately close more deals. A long-term marketing strategy and personalized approach are essential. 

What Does a Real Estate Marketing Consultant Do?

Marketing consultants that specialize in real estate promote a real estate business, agent, or various properties for sale. A Vegas consultant can develop your brand, increase your exposure across various platforms, expand your online reach, and help you establish new connections in the industry. They’re marketing experts and know what social media content to promote the heaviest based on your audience. 

When searching for the right consultant, it’s best to choose an expert that partners with or owns a marketing fulfillment agency. Consultants working alongside a reputable agency are usually better equipped to handle multiple components of your real estate online marketing needs. This can include items such as social media account management, branding, content creation and much more.

Boost Social Media Presence 

According to The Close, the vast majority – a whopping 82% of real estate agents want to improve their social media presence. In real estate, Meta (AKA Facebook & Instagram) is the most popular platform, followed by LinkedIn. A Vegas consultant knows the demographic buying and selling homes in the area and exactly how to appeal to them using various marketing strategies. An outside consulting company will likely just use genetic approaches not specific to the Vegas market. 

Promote Strategic Digital ADs

Display advertising is a type of digital advertising where your ads are placed on relevant sites to reach your target audience. This type of marketing is an ideal option for many agents trying to advertise a property or get their name out there quickly. To capture attention in an ad, it needs to really pop – especially in a city like Vegas where glitz and glamor are everywhere. If users aren’t clicking or taking action on your ads, that’s just money wasted. A Vegas marketing consultant knows the best types of ads to create so they don’t go unnoticed. 

Create Video Content

Although video marketing has always been popular, social media is seeing a surge in user-generated video marketing content. A short, informative, and well-produced video is one of the absolute best ways to establish a lasting impression with potential clients. A local marketing consultant can work alongside you to create the latest video content including Reels, TikToks and more. If you have no idea what you’re doing when it comes to video stuff, that’s totally fine too. The consultant is the expert. They can guide you on deciding whether to publish your content, whether it goes on YouTube or other platforms, to properly enlighten your audience and build your online community. 

A Vegas marketing consultant can help you grow as a Realtor in multiple ways. They understand Vegas real estate marketing conditions and trends. They know the challenges unique to the city and community. If you’re looking for the best way to succeed in real estate, take the time to discuss your marketing goals with an expert.