June, 2022
Royilda & Co

Which is better? Hiring a marketing agency VS an employee

In today’s highly competitive environment, no business can afford to ignore marketing, whether they’re operating in B2B or B2C. Without effective marketing, everything else that you do becomes an academic exercise. If you have decided to invest in marketing, the question then becomes whether to hire a marketing agency or depend on employees. 

Delegating marketing to an internal employee might seem like an easier option. For starters, they will be in your office under your supervision. They will be able to take marketing briefs and incorporate feedback with ease. And it might seem cost-effective. But here’s why it’s always better to hire a marketing agency.

A marketing agency gets you experts

You need domain experts to effectively execute any task. When you hire a marketing agency, you get specialists in various areas. While an employee might be proficient in any one domain, an agency would give you experts in market research, copywriting, design, UI, brand management, and more. 

You save money

Individually hiring category experts can be an expensive proposition not just for small businesses but even established enterprises. A marketing agency, whether they work on a project or retainer basis, saves you money since you get experienced professionals in a package deal. 

You can focus on other aspects

You already have enough things to manage. If you delegate marketing to an employee, you have to set aside time for meetings, reviews, and analyses. When you outsource marketing to an agency, you can concentrate on other important aspects like product development or sales.

A marketing agency gets you advanced tools

Since marketing agencies work for clients across categories, they would have the latest tools. These could be anything from social media schedulers to media analysis tools. Purchasing them individually for your in-house team could be expensive. Importantly, you would also need to hire people experienced in that software. 

You get new ideas

Marketing agencies are always thinking of new solutions because it’s a competitive sector. What it means for you as a client is that you get innovative ideas. Whether it’s a new digital marketing tactic or a more cost-efficient way to run a campaign, you can expect agencies to always come up with new ideas.

An agency is accountable  

Through periodic reviews, you can always measure the efforts of a marketing agency. You can set targets and examine the results to know whether your investment is getting returns. When marketing becomes accountable, you can add or remove tactics to make it better.

In short

Considering the advantages of cost, effort, returns, expertise, and accountability, hiring a marketing agency is always a superior option to hiring an employee for marketing.